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Incoming Digit Converter

Can anyone point me in the right direction ...I am looking to take DID digits from the PSTN (4 digits ) and convert them to a 3 digit extension on a 7960 set ...Running CCM 3.1...Thanks in advance

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Re: Incoming Digit Converter

There are a number of ways you can do this. One easy way to do this is in the gateway configuration in CallManager, check the Sig Digits box and set the Number of Digits to 3.

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Re: Incoming Digit Converter

Dave , I am not sure that I follow....The PSTN is sending 4530 which I need to convert to 623 , to ring this set....Thanks for your help

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Re: Incoming Digit Converter

Sorry, I assumed that you meant you wanted to convert 4530 to 530.

Another way you could do this instead of what I said before is to configure Translation Patterns in the CallManager. For example, go to Route Plan -> Translation Pattern. Set the pattern to 4530 and set the Called Party Transform Mask to 623

Then repeat for however many numbers you have.

Or if you have a relatively small number of these to do (I think the limit is around 250) then you can perform this in the router. An example would be:

num-exp 4530 623

And repeat this for however many translations you have. Note that if you do it this way then the voip dial-peers should point to destination-pattern 623 (not 4530) because the num-exp takes place before the dial-peer routing. If you do it the other way then the dial-peer would point to 4530 and the CallManager would do the translation.

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