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Incoming FXO should ring on 7960 but not actually pick up until 7960 pickup

I have a CME router connected to an extension off of a PBX. The router has an FXO with "connection play opx 15". If a person calls the PBX extension to which the CME FXO port is connected then CME takes the FXO port off-hook and calls the 7960 phone. Problem is, this means that even if the call is not answered, the PBX never passes the call over to voice mail (which is configured on the PBX). Is there any way of configuring the FXO so that it allows the incoming call to continue to ring (does not take the FXO off-hook) until the IP phone answers the call? Once the IP phone picks up, then the router should pick up the incoming call. Is this possible? How?

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Re: Incoming FXO should ring on 7960 but not actually pick up un

The only thing I can think of is to setup a FXS line with an extension and connect it to the PBX.

The CME should use this number as the destination for a no answer condition.

The PBX should have this incoming line setup to go directly to voicemail.

If you have multiple PLARs you will need multiple FXSs, unless you send all the calls to the same voicemail box.

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