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Incoming translation pattern matches outgoing long distance calls

We've recently run into a problem with our incoming translation patterns on our CallManager. Up to this point, as we converted remote locations to our Cisco CallManager for voice, we would port their known DID's over a PRI here at our main location (where our CallManager is) and create translation patterns that would route inbound calls to the old DIDs to the new CallManager extensions. Worked great. Recently, however, we've ported a few numbers with 91XX as the last four. After creating the translations (and I know you know where this is going) every outbound long distance call we make to 9,1XXXXXXXXXX where XX matches the translation goes to the translated four digit extension internally. Is there some way to have the CallManager wait for another digit, i.e. 91XXX before following the 91XX translation pattern? Do I need to completely alter my patterns and have the phone company send me more digits? Do I need to go at this in some completely different way?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Incoming translation pattern matches outgoing long distance


create a new Partition (Part_Gateway) and a new Calling Search Space (CSS_Incoming) with this partition.

Put your incoming translations in this partition and put the new css on your incoming gateway...

you probably need to create extra translations for the normal ddi's


Re: Incoming translation pattern matches outgoing long distance

Depending on the size of you company you probably should go 10 digit. If you grow large enough you will need to, and it is easier to manage. If you don't you can use the num-exp command on your router to take and point the new DID to the old one. This will take some time to enter, so maybe you should just switch to 10 digit and get it over with. I had a similiar issue a few months ago, and bit the bullet.


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