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Inconsistent Idle URL behavior

We found inconsistent Idle URL behavior with Cisco IP phones. I am not sure if this is the firmware issue or a CCM version issue.

If you are using Idle URL and a call comes in, phone screen clears out in some cases but not in other cases.

I have seen 7940/60/70s behaving differently on two different CCMs. It could be firmware issue or CCM version issue.


Re: Inconsistent Idle URL behavior

I'd be surprised if it has anything to do with the CCM, however, firmware loads are another matter entirely. You might want to bring up the firmware load to the latest one (there's not much happening in the firmware area for the EOL phones anyway).

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Re: Inconsistent Idle URL behavior

Is the Idle URL supposed to go away when a call comes in? Also, if you are on services or directory page, and a call comes in, does it clear the phone screen before accepting the call?

Re: Inconsistent Idle URL behavior

As far as the old phones are concerned, there's no concept of multiple active pages, so when a call comes in, the call context basically closes any other open context (be it a service, directory page, or settings page)

I'm not using idle URLs myself (can't live with the page cutting of line labels), but application wise (and it doesn't matter whether that's your own custom service app, or the directory or the settings), as far as the new phones are concerned, when a call comes in, the call context simply overlays over whatever you had open at the time, and you see a tab that you can either select (797x phones) or access (796x/4x) by pressing the appropriate button. Being basically a service I'd figure the idle url wouldn't be different but that's to be confirmed by trying it out.

But as I said, especially with the old series of phones, I'd make sure they all run off the same load when using your custom apps. The new phones with the "unified" firmware seem to act a lot more consistently as far as applications are concerned (there are still things that need an update every now and then though).

And as a sidenote, the 8.3.x loads have new features that might be useful.. you can set up your application so that you get a notification if the application loses focus, or is being closed (within limits you can even figure out how the application was closed.. e.g. if it was through a softkey in the application). But those loads are only available for the newer phones.

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