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Indicator Light Not Updating

Okay, I know there's always been installation caviots for the Indicator light on the Cisco Phones with Exchange, but I'm not sure where this one might be having issues. Here we go:<br> When a new voice mail message arrives that Unity records, Message indicating lights update fine.<br> When the system is manually sync'd (every morning or manually), lights are updated accordingly.<br> When users check their voicemail, the system does NOT update lights. If manually sync'd, lights work fine.<br><br>Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening?<br><br>This happened after I rebooted my Exchange 5.5 system over the weekend, and that was to run an offline chkdsk. I have since rebooted my Unity system with no difference.<br><br>Thanks in advance for the help,<br>-Kit<br><br>


Re: Indicator Light Not Updating

The thing that throws me off (and puts a serious crimp in my theory on what might be happening on your site) is your first observation that when messages arrive, the MWI comes on fine. How sure are you about that? Because if that’s really the case I’m not sure what in the world is happening.

Also, is this happening for everyone across the board or just some users are having difficulties keeping their MWI up to date?

Try this as a test. The next time the system is in this state (or a particular subscriber is in this state) open Outlook for that user and force the lamp to go on or off by marking all voice mail read (see if the lamp goes out if applicable) and then mark one or more unread (see if the lamp goes on) then back again. You can run a Subscriber Message Activity report for that user, however the report wont pick stuff up until it’s been an hour or so since the activity (long story, yes, it’s annoying). This will indicate if the notifier is even triggering lamp events and they’re just not getting out or if the notifier isn’t triggering lamp activity or not. You can also turn on the “Exchange Monitor” traces under the notifier in the System Tools section of the SA but those are a bit harder to decipher.

If you demonstrate that the notifier is simply not triggering updates based on inbox changes then I can be reasonably sure what’s going on. It’s possible that the notifier has been logged out of some of those users’ mailboxes and we are no longer getting updates when their inbox state changes (and hence, not getting MWI events). You can force the notifier to log back into the mailbox (or lots of mailboxes at a shot) by using the BulkLogout utility on my web page and selecting the “Resync” option (the help file explains this a bit). If you can do that for the one person you were testing with and then MWIs work, we have confirmation as to what’s going on.

We’ve seen this at a few sites and the notifier folks are in the hunt for a solution. Why Exchange is logging us out of those boxes is unknown at the time but they are working on forcing us to log back in on the fly regardless.

If that’s not what’s happening on your site, then we’ll have to start again and figure out what’s going on. It sounds like the connectivity to CM is ok and folks’ lamp codes are defined properly etc… so the notifier issue is my best theory at the moment.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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