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Infomaker or Custom screen builder problem


I ve installed infomaker 8 for ICM 4.6 SP1. After installing infomaker, i did'nt get the custom screen builder icon in the ICM workstation menu. So manually ran infomaker, selected a default library, selected the Real time Database on the Secondary Real time admin workstation & created a template as given by the cisco Document. The same was reflected in the Monitor ICM template.

But then when i tried generating the Report i get a message

"Template E:\ status" specified in custom\persvc\ppb050.pbl could not be created. please verify"

Could anyone help me with regard to this ??

New Member

Re: Infomaker or Custom screen builder problem

Infomaker 8.0 isn't integrated with ICM. Infomaker 7.0.3 is the highest version at this time (per the BOM - do you have any newer information?)

Never install software products not listed on the BOM or install a higher version than what is listed on the BOM without direction from the TAC.


You'll have to uninstall Infomaker 8.0, reboot, install 7.0, reboot, install 7.0.3 maint release, reboot, re-run ICM setup from the ICM CD for the AW (don't make any changes - just Next, Next, Next, Finish your way through it making sure that Infomaker path is correct), apply necessary ICM hotfixes and you should be backup and running.

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Re: Infomaker or Custom screen builder problem

Hi All,

Can I know where to download the Infomaker software, is it free of Charge? After downloading and installing, what kind of configuration do I need to do in ICM in order to use it with Custom Screen Builder?


New Member

Re: Infomaker or Custom screen builder problem

It is not free of charge.

Check on to find a retailer. You can download the 7.0.3 patch from Sybase web site.



New Member

Re: Infomaker or Custom screen builder problem

Hi there

you must make sure that the *.pbl file is in the same directory as the report that you are trying to generate. i have found that there is more than one file missing as they are created in a different directory


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