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Informacast 8.4 and IPPHONE 7970

AS all my ipt was worked under cucm 8.6 and informacast 8.4.

But all 7970 new installed was not worked.

The  7970 looks seemed they got no actived while paging number was dialed.


I already setted web access feature to enable.

So did someone give me some advice?

New Member

Have you aded the

Have you aded the authentication string to the devices in CUCM?

http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8081/InformaCast/phone/auth (xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of your Informacast server)


New Member

HI sean,i have already fill

HI sean,

i have already fill the url in option "Url authentication" and "Secured Authentication Url" in enterprise parameter, and the other 7960,7912 worked good.


New Member

In the recipient groups, how

In the recipient groups, how are you selecting reciepients?

Are you using filters or manually selecting phones?

Can you check if the 7970's are showing up in the reciepient groups?

Just checking but are these phones are in the same subnet as your other phones that are working and that you are not doing anything special with multicast on the switches?


New Member

Hi sean,I am sure all 7970 is

Hi sean,

I am sure all 7970 is in the same group with 7960.

And 7960 was in same subnet with 7960 witch multicast can be arrived.


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