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Insert system message before personal greeting on unity


We have a deployment of 500 users, unity 4.0(5) VM only with CCM 4.1(3)

Does anyone know if there is a way to insert a system message before all user's recorded greetings?

What I want to achieve is when calls are forwarded from attendant console, if they go to a user's voicemail, at some point after leaving AC and before reaching the users personal greeting the caller is told to dial 0 to go back to reception.

I can add the caller input to option to all greetings, but apparently getting them to change their greeting is off the radar.

Is there a way to insert a message before the personal greeting? The caller options can be in the personal greeting if need be.

Otherwise is there a way to bounce to a call handler or similar but then find it's way back to personal greetings?

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Re: Insert system message before personal greeting on unity

you can create a call handler that has the "dial 0 for an operator" message and define a CallRoutingRule to use this call handler for all inbound calls.

should work. i have a similar setup.

be sure to test your order of the callRoutingRule as order of the rules has an impact on how unity handles the call(s).

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Re: Insert system message before personal greeting on unity


Do you know of a way to insert this in the call flow between AC forwarding a call and it getting to a personal inbox?

It needs to be after AC I'm afraid.. so when the attendant forwards a call to a user, if it goes to a call handler, can the call handler have some awareness of where the call was destined for?



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