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Installing CM over IBM xSeries 306


Has anybody ever installed CM over an IBM xSeries platform?

IBM documentation asks you to use the server guide CD first, but it doesn't detail the steps to follow.

Just want to confirm if for this install I will use:

- Hardware detection disk shipped by cisco

- OS shipped by Cisco with special OS version (windows 2000.4.1b)


- Should I use the Server Guide to presetup the server prior to put the OS CD.

- If so, Which partitions should I create?

The CDs are yet to come due to an involuntary delay. The IBM servers came without OS. I am assuming will ship besides de CM software the OS and the Hardware Detection CDs/DVDs.

Can Anybody shed some lights on what needs to be done to start a successful installation?

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Re: Installing CM over IBM xSeries 306

For this install, the IBM Servers are xSeries 306

IBM xSeries 306 Single Processor 3.4GHz

Requires Cisco OS 2000.4.1b which is scheduled to ship on October 3, 2005.

CDs from Cisco have not been shipped in a timely manner. I wonder if they send a Hardware detection CD and the appropriate OS version.

Re: Installing CM over IBM xSeries 306

I would suggest you wait till the original Cisco CD's come. Cisco ships Microsoft OSes (2000.2.x or 2000.4.x as appropriate) for each hardware platform (HP or IBM). You wont be able to install callmanager if you try to install IBM supplied OS disks.



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Re: Installing CM over IBM xSeries 306

IBM didn't supply any CDs.

Those servers are not MCS78XX type. I am looking for any guideline to setup the system prior to be ready to install the OS. I was wondering if for these server (partner servers) a HW detection is shipped as well..

Cheers, Jorge

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