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Integrate CCME into CME


We have a new remote office with a standalone CCME implementation.

I'd like to integrate this CCME into our enterprise Call Manager, so that their extensions can be dialled and so that i can route via their PRI and vice versa

Is there a how to guide to integrate a CCME into CM?




Re: Integrate CCME into CME

Simply setup an ICT (nonGK controlled) trunk in callmanager and setup route patterns to route from CM to CME.

On the CME use a h323 dial-peer to route calls back to Callmanager. You may use g729 as the codec to save bandwidth. But if you have CUE in the CME router, and if you use g729 for calls between callmanager and CME, you need to transcode the calls before sending it to CUE. (Callforward from a CME phone to voicemail).



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Re: Integrate CCME into CME


Thanks for your help - i've added the CCME device as a nonGK trunk in CM, plus a route pattern and i can call to a phone registered on the CCME.

I've added a dial-peer on the CCME but i can't dial from a phone registered on the CCME

dial-peer voice 10 voip

preference 1

destination-pattern 6...

voice-class h323 1

session target ipv4:

( is the CCM subscriber)




Re: Integrate CCME into CME

Hi Paul,

On your inbound trunk, can you make sure that there is a CSS that has access to the partition of the extensions that you wish to dial. Also, please make sure that you verify the "significant number of digits" is correct on the inbound trunk.

If this doesn't work, please please enable the following debugs on the CME so that I can review it. These debugs are verbose, so please log to buffer:

config t

logging buffer 999999 debug

service timestamps d d msec


term no mon

debug voice ccapi inout

debug h225 asn2

debug h245 asn1

debug voip dialpeer

Then perform "clear log" and make the call. Afterwards, perform "show log" to capture the contents of the buffer. This may provide insight into why the call is failing.



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Re: Integrate CCME into CME

Hi Guys,

What was the fix for this problem? I am having the same issues calling from a CME 4.0 site to a CCM 4.1 site. If I call from one CME4.0 to another CME4.0 site everything is o.k. Calls from the CCM4.1 work every time to the CME4.0 sites. But calling from CME to CCM does not work, just fast busy.

Thanks in advance


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