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Integrating CCM 4.1(3) w/ a SIP IVR

I have set up a SIP trunk to move calls between SCCP endpoints/MGCP gateways and a SIP IVR. I have assigned it to a Route Group/Route List and assigned a Route Pattern. The IVR is reachable, but the SIP trunk is always sending DNIS as the route pattern assigned to the SIP trunk (8000), rather than the original called number (7000) (the CCM-side device dials a number and is redirected across the SIP trunk). Is there a way to send original dialed number rather then the redirected number here?

Also, the SIP trunk's destination is set as the IP Address of the IVR, and not a proxy server. If this IVR is the only SIP device I need to support, will I have any trouble with this configuration?


Re: Integrating CCM 4.1(3) w/ a SIP IVR


I'm not sure I fully understand your configuration. I have a SIP trunk connected to a SIP Server providing call center duties.

I defined a SIP Trunk with the server name = Mesa. I have the fields Connected Line ID and Name = Allowed, Redirecting Number Delivery-Inbound/Outbound checked. I assigned a DN 0f 6000 to the SIP server. Then I built a route pattern 6000 with the Gateway or Route List field = Mesa. All of the fields on the route pattern are set to default. When someone on the CCM side dials 6000 the call is routed across the SIP trunk to the SIP server and the Caller ID is displayed correctly. When one of the SIP call agents makes an oubound call it routes across the SIP trunk and the Caller ID displays correctly. Hope that provides some help.


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