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Integrating CCM with a Notrel Option 81 PBX running release 19 software

My customer is running a Nortel Option 81/81C with release 19 software (single location). We are adding a cisco IPT solution to the mix. Initially, there will be a small number (approx 50) of phones on the Cisco side with the rest (about 700) staying on the Nortel side. Each system has its own voice mail. The PSTN will be connected to the Nortel switch only and a PRI (tie trunks from switch to switch) will connect the cisco and nortel systems. Inbound PSTN calls to the cisco side will therefore come in via T1s/PRIs connected to the Nortel switch and then over the PRI that connects the cisco and nortel switches. It is also expected that Cisco or Nortel users will be able to dial, transfer, or forward calls across the tie-PRI to each other, although because QSIG isn’t supported on the Nortel side we know that path replacement (anti-tromboning) will not take place. We would like to have a 4 digit universal dialing plan such that a Cisco or Nortel user could simply dial the 4 digit internal extension and reach the called party, regardless of what switch that phone is connected to. Outbound calls from the cisco side will have to go over the PRI and out the Nortel as well.

The nortel vendor is saying that this will be difficult/impossible to implement because the Nortel switch does not have the coordinated dialing plan (CDP) feature. At the time of release 19 for the Nortel, CDP was optional and the customer didn't choose to get it. Now, since release 19 is old, the nortel vendor is saying that the cdp features can't be added without an exensive upgrade to the latest nortel software.

I’m looking to validate what the nortel vendor is saying, i.e. is it correct. Beyond that it would be helpful if I could get a quick outline of my options of how to do this along with any caveats, i.e. features I listed above that would not be supported.

Does anyone have any experience integrating with the older nortel switches?

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Re: Integrating CCM with a Notrel Option 81 PBX running release

Hi Kevin,

I can tell you that the CDP feature will achieve all the requirements that you have listed ie. Universal 4 digit dialing, transfer and forwarding of calls between the 2 systems.We have been going through the exact transition from Nortel to Cisco that you will be doing.We have smoothly moved 700 users/sets so far with about 1000 still to do.

Nortel is like most vendors in that the sales and engineering support will only go back 1 or 2 releases.Release 19 is about 8-10 years old, so I'm not surprised that your Nortel vendor is advising that you must upgrade to a newer release to add the CDP package.

I can't think of any other way to integrate the 2 systems other than using the Coordinated Dialing Plan and allowing your users to move with their existing DN's.

Our Nortel is at release 25.40 and we are using DMS 100 as the interface type for the PRI's on both sides.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Integrating CCM with a Notrel Option 81 PBX running release

Hi Rob,

I want to thank you for your post here. We are currently working to do a similar integration and I am excited that you have been successful. We are looking to do a similar thing with an Option 61 system. I have a couple of questions:

- Besides the CDP, was there any additional licensing required for the integration from Nortel?

- What kind of card were you connecting to on the Nortel side for the PRI?

- Was there a whitepaper or document that helped to guide you through the configuration and integration process?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: Integrating CCM with a Notrel Option 81 PBX running release

Hi Scott,

Part of post this is also on IP Telephony Forum :)

I would suggest setting up a lab ASAP to work out all the connectivity between CCM and the Nortel well in advance of your first rollout. We spent about 3 months in the lab working out the details (could have been much shorter but we were total newbies). It was a great opportunity to learn about CallManager and perfecting the migration process. Our users really love the new IP Phones and you will find that if done properly this can be a very fun and rewarding project!! When we meet with different departments before the rollouts we go over all the details and ask them to populate an excel spreadsheet with user details that we then use for the BAT Templates. You can BAT in a large number of IP Phones in a few minutes which is a huge bonus over the Nortel cli method.

We are running the setup using a 61c as well.The connection's between the Nortel(NT5D12Ax Dual PRI cards) and Cisco (6608 blade) are PRI's (using DMS100 protocol). We are running 25.40 on the Nortel.

For the Nortel side we use DSC (distant steering codes) that is where the CDP package comes into play, to move DN's across to the CCM when people migrate (works great!) That way our users don't need to dial any access codes or know where (CCM or Nortel) the called user exists. This method has been seamless and transparent. We have moved about 1250 users across to Cisco CCM so far, usually about 50 per night. It really works great! Buy yourself a good Barcode scanner to scan the new IP phones and use the Mac's to create a BAT file. Print out the Nortel DN/TN's ahead of time so you can match Toll Restrictions etc. The night of the cut, remove the Nortel phones, use the Distant Steering Codes (Load 87) to move the DN's across to CCM, run the BAT's for the new IP Phones, install the phones :) you are good to go!!

Here are some great docs;

Cisco Unified CallManager

Case Study: Nortel 61C PBX to Cisco IP Telephony Migration

From this good doc;

Nortel Meridian PBX and Cisco CallManager Integration

Cisco Unified CallManager System Guide, Release 4.2(1)

Cisco DPA Integration

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need additional info.


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