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Integrating Nortel 11C with Call Manager

Hi Folks,

One of my client have a requirement to integrate their existing PBX system to Cisco IPT .

The existing PBX is Nortel 11C and they already have many extensions connected to this PBX .Now they want to introduce call manger and ip phones in to the same infrastructre and should co exist with the PBX.

Now they have their E1s and PSTN terminated on the PBX .

Now could you guys tell me how can i interface this PBX to the call manager .please tell me what is the mothod to do that .

Also the client have the same PBX in their branch offices and there they would like to have IPT/SRST set up in this case how can i interface the PBX with the cisco gateway.

please tell me the connectivity method to be used like can it be interfaced through FXO or E&M ..

awaiting your reply to respond this enquiry ..



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Re: Integrating Nortel 11C with Call Manager

You will need to decide what signaling protocol to run over the trunk between the gateways and the Nortel PBX. QSIG is usually the norm as it supports MWI.

You can reference the SRND. Page 19-1 (pdf pg 595) gives some details.


Re: Integrating Nortel 11C with Call Manager

As said, you need to determine the signaling and select to appropriate card based on that and the amount of simultaneous calls etc. for instance, i integrated a nortel 11 for one of my customers to work with Cisco IPT. basically, T1 CAS card on both a router and the PBX. PBX then needs to have steering codes and members configured to allow call routing to the router. on the IPT end i added the router as a gateway to enable IPT users to call PBX users.

Second you said that they have the same PBX in their branches. well, from what i gather from the lines, basically what youre asking is that you need those PBX users to integrate as well. therefore the same will apply as in HO. no need for SRST unless youre using IPT at the branches.

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Re: Integrating Nortel 11C with Call Manager

Are you running Meridian Mail or Call Pilot for voicemail? If so, you might run into problems if you use both internal and external greetings. By default, calls from an IP phone have their ISDN Numbering Plan set to "unknown", which makes MerMail or CallPilot think the caller is external. There are ways to tweak these settings, but they may not work depending on your environment.


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Re: Integrating Nortel 11C with Call Manager


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