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Integrating with microsoft active directory


we have a running CCM 3.3(2) that we try to integrate with AD. I ran the plugin successfuly, but i have a problem with the CCMPwdChanger thing. Whenever i run this tool to change the password of CCMSysUser everything goes well untill just at the end.

According to the procedure i should get a confirmation window, but instead i get "Active Directory Server Login Credentials" and i have to provide the administrator user/passwd of the AD Server. I do that and when clicking Ok, i get following error :

"error: 53 - the network path was not found"

These are two win2000 machines and i have no idea what is happening. All the rest seems to be fine, i can see the users in CCM-administration and assign them phones, ...



Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

Cisco Extended Functions, Cisco Tomcat, and Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility services use a

special user, cn=CCMSysUser and mail=CCMSysUser (Netscape) or SAMAccountName=CCMSysUser (AD), to authenticate with Cisco CallManager.

Before you install the Cisco Customer Directory Configuration Plugin on the Cisco CallManager

subscribers, you must perform the procedure that is detailed in "Enabling Cisco IP Services"

section. If you attempt to install the plugin on the subscribers before performing the service

integration procedure, the installation program displays an error message, and the Cisco Call Back,

Cisco IP Manager Assistant (Cisco IPMA), and Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility services do not


For the User Search Attribute enter an attribute that you can use to search for a user in the

enterprise directory. Make sure that the value for this attribute is unique for each user in the

directory. Examples include mail or uid. The user enters the value for this attribute in the User

Identification field when the user logs in to the Cisco IP Phone User Option pages.

In the Active Directory Server Login Credentials page please supply the Administrators user ID,

password, and domain.

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Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

That is exactly the procedure i followed. Everything goes well (using CCMPwdChanger.exe) untill the last screen where i have to provide the AD Login credentials.

(I find it strange you have to give them again, as in the first screen one has to give them already ...)

The error states : "the network path was not found", but what network-path is it trying to reach ? I've already tried several entries in DNS (with and without domain, ...)


Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

Had the SAME exact problem. Turned out to be a Pub/Sub not replicating b/c passwords for dcdir were not sync'd. In the registry verify the Directory Manager passwords are the same in the Pub & Sub.

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Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

No, it's not that.

To integrate the Subscriber with AD, one has to change the password of the CCMSysUser with a tool called "CCMPwdChanger.exe" and that is not working.

When i try to do the subscriber without above, he complains that the pwd has not been changed and exits the integration.

The pwd's are indeed stored in the registry, but the Subscriber looks in the Publisher's registry to get the necessary info to access the AD-Server ...

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Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

I had a similar problem. In the AD integration you need to ensure that the Callmanager has access to DNS (normally the one that the servers are registered to). Alternatuively you could edit the hosts files so you have named entries for both servers. I had a situation where the main AD server wasn't actually the master for the user database but one of the other domain servers and until I added a route and a DNS entry I could not change the CCMSysUser passords, even though I had run the AD integration.


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Re: Integrating with microsoft active directory

We just had this same problem.

TAC had us populate the Password value for the CCMAdministrator and CCMSysUser in the Registry on the Publisher. After this was done, the plugin installed successfully on the Subscriber. The CCMPWDChanger still did not work however. TAC indicated that this would not be an issue, however the password for those accounts on the AD server were not updated...

BTW. We just populated the passwords with the same string from the DCDpwd (sp) above it. I'm not sure what that was or if it was the encrypted version of our local Administrator account.


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