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Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

Have got a Unity Server that is currently integrated with CCM 3.09. I am planning on upgrading to CCM 3.2 or 3.3 is this possible?

According to the url below there is no TSP that will support the integration of Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3. But then again my current working configuration of Unity and CCM 3.09 is not supported either.

Can you plese advise what I can do? Ideally I would like the CCM be upgraded without having to perform any work on the Unity. Is there plan on releasing new TSP that would support my proposed configuration?

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Re: Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

You have the right url. I would be cautious of upgrading to a CCM release that is not supported. If there are integration issues, TAC will not be able to help you out.

Have you considered upgrading your Unity version to a 2.4.6 or later build?

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Re: Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

Thanks for you reply.

My Unity server is running on a Windows NT PDC with Exchange 5.5 all on the one box. It is on its own domain with the single exchange server. The intention is to do minimal work on the Unity Server at this stage.

Alright as you suggested, I would like to upgrade my Unity to version On the release notes it states that the system must not be running any OEM version of Cisco Unity. How do I confirm if I am running a OEM version or not.

Below are the details of my Unity Server obtained under Licensed Features

Product - Active Voice -Unity Enterprise

OEM - Active Voice

Version 2.4

Voice Ports - 4

Fax Ports - 0

TTS Ports - 0

Integration - None

Networking - False

Audio Text - False

If my Unity Server is an OEM version if there a workaround to upgrade Unity without having to touch Exchange or the Windows NT?

Do I need any license key to upgrade from to Is there a more detail upgrade instruction other than the release notes?

Thanks again.

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Re: Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

You are OK on the OEM front. The Unity product was developed by a company called Active Voice. Cisco acquired the company orginally known as Active Voice. The 2.4.6 release was the first one under the Cisco brand name.

Here is a good link to answer the licensing issues -

According to this link, an upgrade from 2.4.5 to 2.4.6 does not require a dongle upgrade. You are required to purchase an upgrade if you decide to move to the 3.x line. The document has not been updated for the 4.0 release as yet, but if you decide to go with Unity 4.0, you will need to purchase and upgrade too. The big item in 4.0 is that the dongle is no more needed, we have shifted to a software key model.

If you are upgrading to 2.4.6, these documents are a good place to start from -


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Re: Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

Excellent so I am not running an OEM version.

For my own knowledge how do I differentiate between an OEM and non-OEM versions?


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Re: Integration Unity and CCM 3.2 or 3.3

The two fields on the key that will give you the clue are -

Product - Active Voice -Unity Enterprise

OEM - Active Voice

Active Voice used to have versions of the Unity software for Siemens, Alcatel and NEC. The product names were different and the OEM name would be the name of the OEM company.

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