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Integration with existing VM system via mgcp and qsig trunk


Currently we have an Ericsson MD110 PBX, with a CallXpress VoiceMail system.

We also have a CallManager system connected to this via a 2600 router using MGCP and a QSIG trunk to the PBX.

Each system uses unique 4 digit extensions, so there is no number translation needed to call between the two PBX's.

I want to be able to access and use the CallXpress VM system via the QSIG trunk, but when calling the VM extension (8890), we are prompted for an extension number instead of just the users VM PIN.

The same thing happens when a CM extension is redirected to the VM system on no answer... we get a prompt for the users extension to log in, not the 'leave a msg' prompt.

Any help on getting this working is appreciated!

- Mark

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Re: Integration with existing VM system via mgcp and qsig trunk

I'm not sure why this is happening but I might be able to provide a clue since we just finished some QSIG testing with CM and some Nortel systems. I don't know why you need to enter the user's extension when you call the VM extension directly; however, that's how our VM system works so that doesn't seem so weird to me.

The other problem sounds like CM is not passing some necessary information regarding transfers to the PBX. As I understand it, if the VM system realizes that the call to the VM extension is a results of a transfer or a forward, it will look at the original Called Number to find the proper mailbox and then give the caller the "leave a message" prompt. It sounds to me like CM is not passing the Called Number to your PBX.

Since I'm very new to Callmanager--and don't even have one to use, yet--I can't tell you where those settings exist but I believe they are on the line configuration page near the bottom.

You might also check the Service Parameters page to see if there are any relevant tweaks that can be made there.



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Re: Integration with existing VM system via mgcp and qsig trunk

The vmail system is not getting any DNIS info from the phone systems so it is probably in the QSig set-up since the same thing happens for both PBX's.

See if the vmail logs show any DNIS info or if it recieving the wrong DNIS info. perhaps it is only getting some of the digits and therefore does not recognize a valid vmail box so it sends the call to the top of the tree to enter a vaild box.

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