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Intercom on CME

I know how to setup intercom for a one to one relationship on CME.

Is there a way to setup intercom to any phone in the system?


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Re: Intercom on CME

That seems like it is still a one to one relationship. When you press the button assigned to intercom, it then just dials the other phone that was configured in the ephone-dn.

How do you configure the CME to allow a user to intercom any ephone-dn?


Re: Intercom on CME

Hi Seth,

This actually a new feature in CME 7.1, called whisper intercom.

From the Administrator Guide:

When a phone user dials a whisper intercom line, the called phone automatically answers using speakerphone mode, providing a one-way voice path from the caller to the called party, regardless of whether the called party is busy or idle.

Unlike the standard intercom feature, this feature allows an intercom call to a busy extension. The calling party can only be heard by the recipient. The original caller on the receiving phone does not hear the whisper page. The phone receiving a whisper page displays the extension and name of the party initiating the whisper page and Cisco Unified CME plays a zipzip tone before the called party hears the caller's voice. If the called party wants to speak to the caller, the called party selects the intercom line button on their phone. The lamp for intercom buttons are colored amber to indicate one-way audio for whisper intercom and green to indicate two-way audio for standard intercom.

You must configure a whisper intercom directory number for each phone that requires the Whisper Intercom feature. A whisper intercom directory number can place calls only to another whisper intercom directory number. Calls between a whisper intercom directory number and a standard directory number or intercom directory number are rejected with a busy tone.

When you press the softkey, you dial the number you would like to intercom with. This is the part of the feature that you're looking for.

Here's the guide for configuration:



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Hello guys. I configured

Hello guys. 

I configured Intercom in the following way:

ephone-dn  2
 number 2001
ephone-dn  3
 number 2002
ephone-dn  4
 number A100
 name **INTERCOM**
 intercom A101 label "**MANAGER**"
ephone-dn  5
 number A101
 name **INTERCOM**
 intercom A100 label "**ASSISTANT**"
ephone  2
 mac-address 0015.F914.0C6E
 type 7960
 button  1:2 2:4
ephone  3
 mac-address 001A.6D0F.98DC
 type 7960
 button  1:3 2:5

The result is the next:

1. An assistant on ephone 2 presses the button 2 (calls to manager) - on ephone 3 a manager deactivates mute and hears the assistant.

2. The manager on ephone 3 presses the button 2 (calls to assistant) - on ephone 2 the assistant deactivates mute but this time the assistant on ephone 2 doesn't hears what the manager says. At the same time the manager on ephone 3 hears what the assistant says. 

Why it is so? 


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