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Intercom Question

I'm conducting a test of the Intercom setup posted by jbouwkamp back in August. I've got it working, but have some questions.

First, is there a way to set the intercom feature to not ring, just to beep and become active? I don't think the users will like the ring.

Second, I noticed that if a user is on a call, and another user tries to dial the intercom to that extension, it doesn't activate, rather it rings then goes to voicemail like a normal call. Any way to change that?


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Re: Intercom Question


What's your current intercom setup? Are you using CME or CM?


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Re: Intercom Question

CM 4.0(2)

Current setup was described in an earlier post this summer, but to summarize, I've got a partition named Intercom, a calling search space named Intercom, and lines on 2 phones currently that are assigned to the intercom calling space (using that phones extension).

I'm just testing this out right now, as we don't want to have to spend money on one of the third party apps.

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Re: Intercom Question

1. The workaround I used was to change the ringtone to the single beep. That works best for us because it doesn't ring, but it also allows the person to know someone is about to open intercom rather than create a monitoring situation.

2. I don't think people would appreciate having someone intercom them while they're in the middle of a telephone conversation, so I don't see why you'd want to change that. You could always set it to go to voicemail after 1 ring.

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Re: Intercom Question

On 1, I see where to change to a beep if the phone is active, but where do I change to a beep when the phone is idle? The only options I have for that are disable, flash only, ring once, and ring.

As to #2, I agree completely, just had the question posed to me (as this that is how it worked on our old PBX, which I always thought was odd.)

Thanks, seems like I'm on the right track anyway.

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Re: Intercom Question

as far as I know, the option for beep only is only availanle when the phone is on an active call.

I use flash only and auto-answer speaker (which causes a problem if the user has the headset engaged) for my intercoms and people seem to work well with that.

There are VoIP systems out there that can "intercom-barge", like intertel, but I always thought that was a strange feature.

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