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interesting voip issue

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me with an interesting issue I have been experiencing with VoIP. I have a VoIP link in place that sporadically experiences loss of voice within a conversation of around 3 - 5 seconds.

Site A is the hub site which acts as a local breakout point and connects together three other sites, B, C and D, each having its own 2mb leased line. At each site there is a PBX integrated using an E1 connection (NM-HDV) into a Cisco 3640. Site A also has a 3640. When calling from site B and C to D (via A), the call path inbound to that site experiences loss of voice randomly and intermittently. But the return path is fine.

Site A: 3640 12.2(12)

Site B, C and D: 12.2(7)

Kind Regards

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Re: interesting voip issue

Are you implementing the RTP commpression, VAD or QoS in the path of the voice?

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Re: interesting voip issue

Yes we are using RTP header compression, QoS and no VAD on the circuits. I have disabled RTP header compression on the affected link to see if this resolves the issue. Are there issues with RTP header compression caused by different IOS releases?

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Re: interesting voip issue

Yes, I have ever troubleshooting many problem casued by RTP header comperession.

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