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intermittant delay when calling Long Distance.

I have the strangest problem,

When I call certain long distance area codes, there is a 3-5 second delay between the time that I can first hear the called party, and when they can hear me. It does not happen with all long distance area codes, and it seems to happen with specific ones all the time.

Is there something I have set incorrectly?

I am running CCM 3.2.2c going through a local 3640 with an MFT-T1 connect to a ISDN PRI (23+D).

Local calls always work fine.

Any help would be appreciated,

John Larsen


Re: intermittant delay when calling Long Distance.

That is a weird one, have you gotten your LEC involved, it sure sounds like a Telco issue.

It would be interesting to do a "debug isdn Q931" on your router, but if the ringing stops when it should the signaling must be ocurring normally. You might also use a "show voice call summary" to see if the status immediately goes to connected. If you have a Sniffer you could tell when the voice stream starts, but at that point your phone it talking direct to the gateway so a delayed cutthrough outbound makes no sense.

Good Luck

Community Member

Re: intermittant delay when calling Long Distance.

Thanks for responding,

Yeah, it pretty much has me stumped. We have a trouble ticket open with the LEC.

We just transitioned to CCM from a legacy system, and of course according to the users "that has never happened before".

I will keep working on it and see what our provider has to say.

Thanks again,


Community Member

Re: intermittant delay when calling Long Distance.

We had a similar problem with a remote site in Europe with no CCM at that site. Go to Service Parameters--Cisco CallManager--and set H323FastStartInbound to True. We did run into some issues with this, which were eventually resolved. This fixed the remote site, but at our site we would get one way audio on an Attendant Console transfer from an inbound call from our LD VG200 gateway. After chaning the IOS on the VG200 and a ES fix on the CallManager, everthing worked ok.

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