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Intermittant MWI -

I have a CCM cluster running 3.3(2) and have 15 separate Unity VM servers connected to this cluster. the Unity's are either 3.1.5 or 4.0.2

Been running good for over 2 years but....continue to experience an intermittant issue with MWI.

Most of the time, MWI works fine. But, there are times where I get reports where folks are surprised to discover messages and their MWI is not on. Or, they come in the next day and they have a MWI and a message that came in well before they left the day before.

(Please note that I resync the MWI every night due to this problem)

The MWI will come on if I resync either the specific Unity subscriber or the entire server. So, this leads me to believe that the problem is not my configuration (works most of the time, remember)....

I have opened TAC tickets and, am asked to collect trace files (very difficult due to the size of my cluster but more importantly, the intermittant nature of the problem)...

One thing I have noticed that may very well NOT be related. When an instance of this is reported, and I access the Unity in question, I see the event log is full (weird but, thought I would mention it).

Would anyone have any thoughts or guidance for me?


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Re: Intermittant MWI -

any resolution to this problem

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Re: Intermittant MWI -

Unfortunately, no....

Being advised there is an intermittant issue with Microsoft and MAPI notification...

Cisco seems to be pointing their finger at Microsoft... I am getting no commitments for resolving, and, I get the feeling that Cisco is waiting for Microsoft (I have no visibility as to the urgency level of this issue @ Microsoft)..

I am feeling a bit abandoned as I have obviously made some significant investments in Unity...

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Re: Intermittant MWI -

I too am running into this issue. I am running Unity 3.1.5 and it was running fine up until about 1.5 months ago when the MWI to message was not synchronizing correctly. I too have Uniyt resynch the lights every night but I also have to reboot Unity every second day in order for it correctly identify received and listened to messages. I have a case open with TAC but so far no indication as to what or where the problem lies nor a fix.


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