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Intermittantly going to main greeting

Cisco Unity: Ver 2.46_135 (4 port system, 50 users)<br><br>Customer intermittantly gets main greeting when dialling into retrieve voicemail from an internal Cisco IP phone. Call Manager ver 3.1(1)<br>Other times the phone will go straight to their inbox as per normal ?<br><br>Have checked the ports when this is happening and the ports are free.<br><br>Scenario setup in CCM is ext 8888 for voicemail, if fwd on busy to<br>8000,<br>fwd on busy to 8001, fwd on busy to 8002, fwd on busy to reception.<br><br>When the system works correctly, and when 8888 is dialled, the user goes straight through to their inbox on number 8888. When the user goes through to the main greeting, it is usually dialled 8888, but fwd to 8000 immediately, even when 8888 is not busy ?<br><br>I have run a few checks and it all looks fine, has anyone got any ideas on the next steps ? <br><br>Thanks.<br><br>Al.<br><br>


Re: Intermittantly going to main greeting

Well, there was a TSP defect for something like this in the olden days, but that would only be the issue if you had a really old pre I'd bet you have something newer than that. Just for kicks, verify the TSP version, just right click for the version tab at \Winnt\System32\AvSkinny.TSP.

You could open the CallVeiwer.exe (off of the Unity folder on \Start\Programs) and see what is showing up for called and calling parties...both when it works and when it does not work.

Can you reproduce the problem at will? If you call 8888 with one phone and then call 8888 with another phone (while the first phone is still on the line), does it work or fail?

Have there been any additions or modifications to the Unity routing rules? Has the Unity system always had this problem?

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Re: Intermittantly going to main greeting


Thanks, you were right, it was the TSP. I upgraded to 3.03 and it fixed the problem.

Now if I can only fix the memory leak...... 8-)

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