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Intermittent Behaviour Importing Subscribers

Unity 3.0(4), Exchange 5.5 off box. Member server in NT4 Domain.<br>We are having (and always have had since 246 to 3.0 upgrade) intermittent problems importing subscribers via web page. Sometimes we can find the exch user, othertimes not. Using AvImport we can find and import okay. There is no drop down domain box in web page, also a find with * only lists users on first exch server. Searching alias for say a* usually lists most users with an alias begining with a. However sometimes the user just cannot be found and we have to use AvImport. This is annoying, not only because we have to run up 4 floors to the unity machine to do it.<br><br>


Re: Intermittent Behaviour Importing Subscribers

This sounds like it could be bug ID: CSCdw40483

Short story is for whatever reason the SA lookup sequence is assuming the system is AD (not 55) and, as such, is not getting the list of domains/servers back properly. The users found are only those on the local box as a result.

The SA guys are looking into it with the back end DB folks to try and figure out where this is tripping up. I'll follow up out here if anything is found.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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