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Intermittent Call Transfer Capability

Has anyone seen this before?

We have a customer that is experiencing an interesting situation. Their "Transfer" capability from their 7960 phone is working intermittently. They may have two or three calls that transfer fine, and the next time they go to transfer a call, they select the Transfer Softkey and nothing happens. The caller is still active with them but the do not get reorder tone for transfering the call.

They have been running fine for a few months and now this is starting for some reason. It's happening on a number of phones. I believe it's only being noticed by the people who do a lot of transfering.

Config Info: Dual 6509's CCM 3.0(9) Pub/Sub 400 Users

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Re: Intermittent Call Transfer Capability


Do you only have one extension for each person and is Call Waiting turned on? If so, you can not transfer a call when you have two calls on the same extension. (Which is just when you need to transfer call, go figure)

We have setup two extension's per user. With the first extension Forward Busy to the second extension (with Call Waiting off). You lose Caller Id but you can transfer either line.

I hope Cisco is working on this...


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Re: Intermittent Call Transfer Capability

With one call on a multi set , we could transfer all the time...w/ more than one call presented to the set we could not xfer ...we also had to turn call waiting off in order to xfer calls ...hope this helps

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Re: Intermittent Call Transfer Capability

We are seeing the same problem, but only on one phone (that uses shared line appearence) and only when they xfer to a certain extension.

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Re: Intermittent Call Transfer Capability

We have the same problem, but with call park. Their call park button will work intermittently. When it does not work, they can still put calls on hold and retrieve, as well as transfer, but cannot park the call. When it happens, it is on both phones with shared line appearances and those with independent directory numbers. We do have a bug open for the call park problems, but our bug also deals with the problem of call park not obeying partitions - it is bug id CSCdv53855.

The only thing that we have found to help is rebooting CM.

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