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intermittent call volume issues


I'm getting complaints from a customer that on every few calls they receive the two parties can just barely hear each other forcing one of them to hang up and call back.

They have a 2651xm with the voice aim terminating a PRI. There has been a lot of echo complaints as well so I have the echo cancel coverage at 32ms.

They're using call manager 3.3 with sr2.

I'm waiting to find out if the problem is consistent with calls from a certain area code or if it only happens on incoming calls.

Not a lot to go on but maybe someone has a suggestion.


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Re: intermittent call volume issues

I am getting a similar problem also using 2651xm routers on a PRI. Lots of echo issues at the start but changed echo cancel coverage down to 16 from 32 and echo got better, just getting the odd word in a conversation that goes at least 10 minutes. Also getting some calls that in the middle one party or the other cannot hear anything.

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: intermittent call volume issues


What ios are you using?

I'm using 12.3(1a) right now.

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Re: intermittent call volume issues

I am using 12.3(5) echo is a lot better since going to this version

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