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Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

Unity 4.02, CM 3.3.2 SPC. TSP v7.03.

About 1 in 25 calls to unity will ring 2 times then get reorder.

About 1 in 50 times hitting the messages button, nothing happens at all. No attempt to dial unity, no ring, no reorder - nothing.

At first I had TSP v7.02, upgraded to 7.03 but it didn't help.

The odd thing is, if I dial Unity directly (without using the messages button) it connects every time. I know that the messages button is just suppoed to work like a speed dial, but it really seems like the problem only occurs when I use that button.

Any ideas?


Re: Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

Check to make sure each and every one of your Unity ports are registered correctly in CallManager. You can also try calling each port's number individually a few times to see if there's one or a few that don't answer correctly, or otherwise if you can narrow down the problem to one or more ports. Check the Unity port status at http://unitymachine/status to see if a port is hung on the Unity side.


Re: Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

I can speak for mmcgille....It turned out to be a phone load issue. We upgraded to 5.03 phone load for 7940/60 and the problem has disapeared.

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Re: Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

I am experiencing the exact same problem as described. Is phone load 5.03 the solution ?

We understand that once we upgrade to signed version 3.05 we cannot revert back to unsigned version 3.03 if other problems arise. Does the upgrade process to 5.03 automatically try to download and install 5.03 on all registered 7940/7960 devices or can it selectively be loaded to a single test phone first by configuring "phone load" field for the test phone.

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Re: Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

Yep, the phone load fixed it. When you install the phoneload upgrade, it does change the phone load entry in the "device defaults" menu (system->device defaults) to be the new load.

To avoid the load being deployed on all the phones, you first should copy down the exisitng phone load (P00300....). Then install the load upgrade. Once the install is complete, go into "device defaults" and change the default for 7940s and 7960s back to the original load number.

If you want to test the new load on a phone, you can go to that phone and specify what load you want it to run. Enter in the new phone load there, reset the phone and see if it fixes the problem for you.

Good luck,


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Re: Intermittent reorder tone when pressing "messages" button

Thanks, appreciate the insight.

- John Stevens

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