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New Member

International Call-Forwarding Problem

Issue: When I Call-Forward ALL say extension 2707 to my cell phone (94520000), all domestic phone calls forward to this number. No problems. When an international call comes in to the same extension 2707, the caller gets no ring and the gateway does not forward the call. Its like the call is dropped.

During normal circumstances, (without call fwding) international calls get dialed and can call in at anytime with no problems at all.

I can see the call coming in when i do a debug voice capi inout. Any ideas before I hand this one to TAC?

here is my config

PSTN---3640/H323----Call manager----3524----IP phone

Here is the output from a debug as well...Enjoy! Notice how the calling number is "9T". Thats my 1st pots peer pointing to the T1!

15w1d: cc_api_call_setup_ind (vdbPtr=0x629417A4, callInfo={called=2707,called_oct3=0xC1,calling=,cal


ag=1, prog_ind=0},callID=0x62032430)

15w1d: cc_api_call_setup_ind type 13 , prot 0

15w1d: cc_process_call_setup_ind (event=0x62618FFC)

15w1d: >>>>CCAPI handed cid 33101 with tag 1 to app "DEFAULT"

15w1d: sess_appl: ev(24=CC_EV_CALL_SETUP_IND), cid(33101), disp(0)

15w1d: sess_appl: ev(SSA_EV_CALL_SETUP_IND), cid(33101), disp(0)

15w1d: ssaCallSetupInd

15w1d: ccCallSetContext (callID=0x814D, context=0x62A147B8)

15w1d: ssaCallSetupInd cid(33101), st(SSA_CS_MAPPING),oldst(0), ev(24)ev->e.evCallSetupInd.nCallInfo

.finalDestFlag = 1

15w1d: ssaCallSetupInd finalDest cllng(9T), clled(2707)

15w1d: ssaCallSetupInd cid(33101), st(SSA_CS_CALL_SETTING),oldst(0), ev(24)dpMatchPeersMoreArg resul

t= 0

15w1d: ssaSetupPeer cid(33101) peer list: tag(102) called number (2707) tag(103) called number (27


15w1d: ssaSetupPeer cid(33101), destPat(2707), matched(1), prefix(), peer(629DF470), peer->encapType


15w1d: ccCallProceeding (callID=0x814D, prog_ind=0x0)

15w1d: ccCallSetupRequest (Inbound call = 0x814D, outbound peer =102, dest=,

params=0x62621058 mode=0, *callID=0x626213C0, prog_ind = 3)

15w1d: ccCallSetupRequest numbering_type 0xC1

15w1d: dest pattern 2..., called 2707, digit_strip 0

15w1d: callingNumber=9T, calledNumber=2707, redirectNumber= display_info= calling_oct3a=C3

15w1d: accountNumber=, finalDestFlag=1,


15w1d: peer_tag=102

15w1d: ccIFCallSetupRequestPrivate: (vdbPtr=0x624A3460, dest=, callParams={called=2707,called_oct3=0

xC1, calling=9T,calling_oct3=0x0, calling_xlated=false, subscriber_type_str=RegularLine, fdest=1, v

oice_peer_tag=102},mode=0x0) vdbPtr type = 1

15w1d: ccIFCallSetupRequestPrivate: (vdbPtr=0x624A3460, dest=, callParams={called=2707, called_oct3

0xC1, calling=9T,calling_oct3 0x0, calling_xlated=false, fdest=1, voice_peer_tag=102}, mode=0x0, x



Re: International Call-Forwarding Problem

Often times complex troubleshooting issues are best addressed in an interactive trouble-shooting session with one of our trained technical assistance engineers. While other forum users may be able to help, it’s often difficult to do so for this type of issue.

To utilize the resources at our Technical Assistance Center, please visit and to open a case with one of our TAC engineers, visit

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.