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International dialing of 12 digits

International dialing of 12 digits or more do not go through. 10 and 11 digits work fine. Callmanager 4.1(3), H323 2811 gateway IOS 12.3-14T7, using 7.011! dial pattern


Re: International dialing of 12 digits

Do you hear an error after you dial the 12 digit? Something like: "The call can not be completed as dialed", if yes, then probably you are sending the International type on your calls and the telco is not liking that. Try changing the type to national and see if that works. You can see the type with a debug isdn q931



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Re: International dialing of 12 digits

where do i change that at?

Re: International dialing of 12 digits

Go to the CCMAdmin webpage then Device --> Gateway, select the H.323 GW that you are using for the calls. Under Outbound Calls you should be able to see the following fields:

Called party IE number type

Called Numbering Plan

Play with the values in there and see which one your Telco likes.

Remember that you need to reset the GW each time you make a change.


Re: International dialing of 12 digits

I had a client having this same issue where some countries can be dialed, but some cannot. This turned out to be a bug in the IOS that marks calls with certain number of digits as international and some telcos prepend a 011 when they see a call tagged as international. So we had to remark the call type as Unknown before it goes out to the telco, so that the telco doesnt prepend a 011. You can use ISDN map command to remark the tag.



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