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Internet Subcriber

Unity 4.0 VM only with Exchange on box -Standalone

When caller calls Unity and gets greeting "if you know the parties extension please enter it ant any time"

customer wants the caller to be able to dial the extension of someone who does not have a VM box. If i were to use Internet Subcribers for this purpose. What do i put in the delivery location page? the exchange server they want to reach is the same as the primary location. Please advise...for the smtp address field in the primary and delivery location page, would i input the exchange server name?

Also, when creating a csv file for bulk import tool, what column header do i put so that it creates an internet subcriber, without creating a mailbox for it. Also the column header "display name", that is not going to create the alias format, am i correct?

Cisco Employee

Re: Internet Subcriber

For internet subscribers (SMTP) you don't need to create a delivery locaiton at all - for AMIS, Bridge and VPIM users you do but SMTP users they are assigned to the primary location regardless.

You'll need to provide some SMTP address - you can stick whatever you want in here as long as it's unique (I'd just use the person's extension number followed by @CallRoutingAccount or something just to ensure everything is unique).

check out the help file for the bulk Import utility - the section titled "Importing User data from CSV" contains the details you need for creating SMTP users, including some example input files for just what you want to do.

The alias is created from the first name/last name fields if the alias field is not provided.

New Member

Re: Internet Subcriber

when creating the internet subscriber via CUBI, is there a difference between which format i use:










either way will create me an internet subscriber, am i correct?

Cisco Employee

Re: Internet Subcriber

no need to install the SMTP voice connector here - if the internet subscribers are not going to be taking messages (and routing them to the address provided) then you're fine there. You'll want to be sure these folks don't have "take message" as their after greeting action - you can do this using bulk edit if you need to.

The internet subscriber itself does not have an email store in Exchange - that's why the definition reads that way. The fact that the person that the internet subscriber points at happens to have an email box somewhere isn't really important.

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