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internet subscriber and primary location

Just want to confirm my theory. I think I don't need create primary location if I only have one unity server and I want to create internet subscribers on this unity server? Am I right?

The reason I am asking this is Cisco documentation indicates that create primary location is the step in order to make internet subscriber work.

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: internet subscriber and primary location

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but ever system has a primary location that's created at install time - all objects in the database are associated with this primary location either directly or indirectly.

Internet (SMTP) subscribers are associated with the primary location but don't use anyting off that object for anything. AMIS, VPIM and Bridge subscribers all need to be associated with AMIS, VPIM and Bridge delivery locations respectively.

short story - you don' t have a choice - the primary location is not something you need to create, it's there when you install Unity.

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