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Internet Subscriber to Internet Subscriber Call Transfer

1) From the Opening Greeting accesses/dials an Unity Subscriber

2) While listening to that Unity Subscriber's VM greeting "Caller Input" is allowed in Call Handler permitting the caller to dial another Unity "Subscriber"

3) Thus from within the existing Unity Subscriber's VM greeting "caller input" allows the caller to dial another Unity subscriber, this is an "Internet Subscriber".

4) Unity does not permit the transfer and errors with the following system error

"I am sorry, this entry in incorrect...." or something like that.

IS IT A CASE OF "Send Greeting To" versus "Transfer Greeting to"?

Will not be in lab to test this simple scenario out myslef until next week so looking for a quick answer if possible.

Cisco Employee

Re: Internet Subscriber to Internet Subscriber Call Transfer

No, this wouldn't have anything to do with the greeting vs. transfer entry points... you'll only get that message if the ID dialed does not find a match. Common issues here are "locking" a key in the user input which causes Unity to act on it right away - for instance if the "2" key is set to "ignore" and is locked if you dial 1002 it'll act on the 2, throw it away and the input will be regarded as invalid (assuming there's no 100 in the system). Either that or a locked key sends you to another handler/subscriber right away or the like.

The easiest way to see what's going on is to use the Status Monitor.exe application found in the tools depot under the switch integration tools section.

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