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Invalid DN Problem


Recently a problem has arisen on a few phones, 7910 and 7940, to where a previous DN is now being displayed instead of the correct DN. I have checked the config for the phone, the correct DN is there, the correct Internal Caller ID Display is there, no Line Text Label is there.

The config will show the correct DN but the phone will show the incorrect DN. If you dial the correct DN the call will go straight to Voice Mail. If you dial the incorrect DN, the phone will ring even though that DN is not on the config for that phone. If you browse to the IP of the phone it shows the incorrect DN to be on the phone instead of the correct DN.

- For example: A 7910 had a 4XXX number but was changed to a 5XXXX number. The settings were updated on that specific phone on the CM, the phone was reset and displayed the correct 5XXX number. Now, the same phone displays a 4XXX number but its configuration on the CM shows it to be a 5XXX number.

To resolve this, the user (s) have had to unplug their phone and let the phone re-register itself. When I remotely reset the phone, sometimes it fixes it and sometimes it does not.

My Call Manager Version is 3.2(1).

Any thoughts on what could be causing this or how to resolve this?

Thank You.


Re: Invalid DN Problem

The document given below has many links to the troublshooting guides.

Cisco CallManager

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