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invalid handler owner

We're running Unity I just got through running DB Walker (fine program, by the way)and got the following errors:<br><br>invalid handler owner - This error appears for two user accounts that should have been deleted. The names are not appearing on NT, Exchange GAL, or Unity subscribers on the sa. <br><br>invalid handler recipient - This error appears for two call handlers. They both exist and appear to be working correctly. I can't find any problem in the way they're set up and am not sure what's causing the error.<br><br>handler text name-blank display name - This error comes up on a call handler that is working and seems to be set up correctly.<br><br>I'm trying to get to the point of zero errors. Any help will be greatly appreciated.<br><br>


Re: invalid handler owner

You can set the owner and message recipient for a call handler in the SA. Owner is on the profile tab, Message Recipient is on the Messages tab... just select a valid subscriber for these fields and that should get rid of the associated errors.

The blank display name problem I haven't run into before, but you should first check that handler in the SA and make sure all the fields are filled out right. If you can't fix it from the SA, you might be able to look at the handler in Exchange Admin and give it a display name there. It would be in the CallHandlers container in the Unity\Handlers folder.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC


Re: invalid handler owner

Actually, call handlers don't use the "display name" field in Exchange (we did this so we ensured they wouldn't show up in the address book). The display name for a call handler that shows up in the SA is actually stored in the "Company" field in Exchange 5.5.

The blank name is a little unusual, but I've seen it before (this is why I added the test for it).

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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