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IOS enhanced Bridge not being selected

I configured a 2851 router to act as an IOS enhanced conference bridge. I configured the bridge in CCM so that the MRG and MRGL are configured with the correct resource only. However, the conference request somehow selects the CallManager CFB (which is an available resource, but is not one of the selected resources)at the home office, making the calls route over the Frame line, degrading call quality. I have been told the reason is there are several other CFB's which were created previously, but had no resources assigned to them, though many resources are listed as available. Consequently, these resources are placed in a "default" group and are provided to the Conference requester at the remote site as well. I don't quite understand why the "default" list would be preferred over the desginated resource. I am more of the opinion that perhaps something is not configured correctly with the designated conference bridge so the system falls back to the default list. Any constructive input would be most appreciated!


Re: IOS enhanced Bridge not being selected

You can look at the detailed CCM traces to see what is going on, if it is trying that resource and failing, or is not even trying it, etc.

Did you reset the devices since adding the MRG/MRGL so the devices and gateway have access to that resource?


Re: IOS enhanced Bridge not being selected

Did you assign the MRGL to the IP Phone that is requesting the Conference either through Device Pool or Phone Device Config?

Is the IOS Enh Conf Bridge registered to the CCM and pingable from the IP Phone subnets?

What codecs did you select when you configured the dspfarm profile on the router? Did you have all of the codec below?

dspfarm profile 10 conference

codec g711ulaw

codec g711alaw

codec g729ar8

codec g729abr8

codec g729r8

codec g729br8

maximum sessions 2

associate application SCCP

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