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IOS software MTP and multicast MOH

Does anyone know if multicast MOH is supported when Cisco Communications Manager is configured to use an IOS software MTP for calls out through an IPIP gateway?

The scenario is as follows:

CCM->H.323->IPIPgw->SIP->VoIP SP

In this scenario early media is only supported by the VoIP SP on the SIP trunk so fast start has to be supported for outbound calls on the h.323 connection to the IPIPgw. The IPIPgw is configured as an h.323 gateway and also incorporates an IOS software MTP to allow h.323 fast start for outbound calls (rather than having it on CCM).

When a call out via the VoIP SP is placed on hold can multicast MOH be streamed to the IPIPgw or is there a limitation to using just unitcast MOH streams?

I am curious to know if anyone knows the answer.


Re: IOS software MTP and multicast MOH


It should work, have you tried it and it failed?

The scenario is similar to other h.323 gateway working with mmoh, you would usually need to put in the 'ccm-manager moh' command on the gateway.

HTH, Avner.

Community Member

Re: IOS software MTP and multicast MOH

I have tried this and at the moment only see unicast MOH streams sent to the IPIPgw.

Does the ccm-manager music-on-hold command also apply for SCCP MTP then? I know it works for H.323 and MGCP calls.


Re: IOS software MTP and multicast MOH

imho, the mmoh is relevant to the ipipgw as an h.323 gw , hence the ccm-manager music-on-hold.

regards, Avner.

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