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IOS translation profile

I have a Callmanager gateway running 12.4T IOS. It uses a BRI interface registered to Callmanager with MGCP.

I'm looking for the syntax for a translation profile that takes six digits incoming from PSTN and only forwards four digits to Callmanager.


Called Party Number 900420

translated to;

Called Party Number 0420

Having a number start with 9 interferes with our dial plan.

I can't change it from MGCP to H323. Do translation profiles occur before the gateway protocol or after? I can't use Callmanager translation patterns in CCMAdmin.


Re: IOS translation profile

I think I found a workaround;

CCMAdmin > Device > Gateway > Endpoints > Inbound Calls > Significant Digits> 4

This will work except for SRST mode -jason


Re: IOS translation profile

The other thing you can do is to make a translation profile to adjust the numbers to your internal plan, and make that the only thing in the CSS of the gateway - then have the translation pattern CSS have the CSS you want for your traffic.

Mary Beth


Re: IOS translation profile

Also, a translation profile applied inbound on the voice port should work, and that maintains the dialplan for srst, but these days you can adjust for a lot in srst mode with alias, so not as big a deal.

Mary Beth

Re: IOS translation profile

What would a IOS translation profile look like that strips the two leading digits ofa six digit number down to a four digit number? I could not find a sample on CCO.


Re: IOS translation profile

Try this rule

voice translation-rule 10

rule 1 /\(^..\)\(....\)/ /\2/




Re: IOS translation profile

Here is a tech note on voice translation rules, with a number of examples - I printed one of these off, and then mark it up with specific examples of things I have to do as I run across common ones:

Anups example looks like it should do what you want, as would this slightly different example from the doc above:

Truncate Numbers Down to the Last Two Digits

rule 1 /^.*\(..\)/ /\1/

This is a number divided into one set and one ignored statement.


Ignored: ^.* None or more digits from the beginning of number

Set 1: .. two digits

The replacement statement specifies Set 1. This rule copies the last two digits of the number.

router#test voice translation-rule 9 12345

Matched with rule 1

Original number: 12345 Translated number: 45

router#test voice translation-rule 9 123456

Matched with rule 1

Original number: 123456 Translated number: 56

Mary Beth

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