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IP Communicator 1.1.1

We have installed ipc 1.1.1 on Windows XP and 2000 The communicator does not keep track if the ip phone (7940) shared line, ie if the ip phone is on a call the communicator does shared line does not change color. However the ip phone keeps track of the communicator.

Another issue is with custom rings. We configured and loaded the rings on the tftp but the communicator is not able to get them.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: IP Communicator 1.1.1


By any chance do you work for NEC? This is the EXACT same problem I opened a case with NEC on.


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Re: IP Communicator 1.1.1

Additional Clarification on the "issue"...

IPC (IP Communicator) is installed on a laptop, Dell Latitude D600 using a Plantronics DSP 400 USB headset.

Two lines are configured on the IPC. One is a shared extension with the same extension on a 7940.

If I go off-hook on IPC, the line status indicator on the 7940 shows an "X" over the telephone icon.

If I start the call on the 7940, IPC doesn't show any change in the button color or line status. If I try to access the line the IPC states the line is in use, but the "lamps" still don't change color.

In addition, the IPC doesn't recognize the custom ring list which works just fine with the 7940, and the IPC doesn't recognize the "list.xml" and images for the background.

The IPC also performs exactly the same way when installed on Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4.


Re: IP Communicator 1.1.1

I have the same issue with ip communicator and the 7970. With other phones like 7960/7920 it's working.

I do not have the problem with custom rings and the backgrounds for IPC and 7970. Everything is working as expected.

Did you disable Caching of TFTP files? If not that could be your problem.

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Re: IP Communicator 1.1.1

Discovered the "problem" with the ring list. It was too long so now I'm reducing the number of options. The problem with the backgrounds was the TFTPPath has a folder called Desktops. Mine was labeled Desktop. One missing "S".

Anyway the problem with tracking shared extensions still is a problem.

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