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IP communicator background list CME


I wonder if somebody succeeded to configure a background list on the IP Communicator running on CME 4.0?

I followed the steps descibed in this document: , but that didn't work.

I used the following List.XML script:


<ImageItem Image="tftp:desktops/320x212x12/TN-Fountain.png"

URL="tftp:Desktops/320x212x12/Fountain.png" />

<ImageItem Image="tftp:desktops/320x212x12/TN-MorroRock.png"

URL="tftp:Desktops/320x212x12/MorroRock.png" />


The images and List.xml are placed in Flash:Desktops/320x212x12.

The TFTP-server is enabled.

When I do a debug tftp event and packet I get the following output:

008178: Mar 29 12:45:34.755: TFTP: Server request for port 3298, socket_id 0x486

4168C for process 212

008179: Mar 29 12:45:34.755: TFTP: read request from host via


008180: Mar 29 12:45:34.755: TFTP: Looking for Desktops\320x212x12\List.xml

008181: Mar 29 12:45:34.755: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file

CME tries to find the List.xml file in the Desktops\320x212x12 directory which doesn't exist on the CME. It should find it's file in this directory: Desktops/320x212x12.

Does anyone know how to overrule this? I was thinking of changing the default List.xml file, but I don't know where it is.


Re: IP communicator background list CME

follow this procedure to upgrade the background images.

1) Edit the List.xml file by hand according to:

2) Upload the List.xml file to flash

3) Add to CCME:

tftp-server flash:List.xml alias Desktops/320x212x12/List.xml

4) Load the png files into flash and enter a tftp-server command toshare them as well.

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Re: IP communicator background list CME

I have the same problem. On our 7970 phones the list works ok but not on the IP communicator. A minor inconvenience to us but it would be nice to have it work properly.

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Re: IP communicator background list CME

The workaround would be to use the following command:

Tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x12/List.xml alias Desktops\320x212x12\List.xml

However, IOS interprets \xxx (where xxx are digits 0 to 7) as an octal representation of ASCII – hence converts the \320 to a P resulting in the following being added to the running config:

Tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x12/List.xml alias DesktopsPx212x12\List.xml

The work around is to use the following command:

Tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x12/List.xml alias Desktops\134320x212x12\List.xml

This will work okay, until the router is reloaded, at which time the \320 will again be converted to a P.

An IOS defect has been filed but is not yet fixed. See CSCsd87810.

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