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IP Communicator One Way Voice

Hi Guru's

Recently i have Installed Cisco Communicator (v1.1.3.0) in our LAN network. When i call to our local extension i can hear the other recepeint voice, but they can't hear my voice.

So could anyone please can help me out.

We have CCM 4.2(1)

I even removed the configration and added with the new one but it happend to appear the same...


Re: IP Communicator One Way Voice

although IPC is not exactly a 'regular hardware ip phone' it does operate and require configuration the same as one.

that being said, troubleshooting OneWayVoice with IPC is very similar.

please see the following link for one-way-voice troubleshooting:

additional notes:

* be sure ACLs or other network filters are not preventing the voice stream from reaching its destination

* use the IPC built in tools to verify IPC configuration and operation

* if required, plug a hardware phone into the data connection that IPC runs from; configure it with the same DN, partition, CSS, etc; test operation

* verify phone load for IPC; try a different one if needed

* if all else fails, use a sniffer on both ends of the call to help determine what may be happening with the data on the network.

(an excellent freeware sniffer can be obtained from

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