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IP Communicator registration methods

The IP communicator has a few methods to register with call manager from what I've read.

1. MAC address in Call Manager of machine running IP communicator. Then select the interface after the application opens.

2. Auto-register through Call Manager.

3. Username and Password on IP communicator.

The one I am most intersted in is the registration via username and password. Could someone elaborate on how they use usernames and setup to register the IP communicator software with call manager?


Re: IP Communicator registration methods

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Re: IP Communicator registration methods

Registration happens on the mac address level whether you have auto-reg turned on or off on the CallManager. I believe the username and password in IP communicator is used to bring up the User options page.

Re: IP Communicator registration methods

I have never seen the username and password registration method... possible TAPS you are thinking of?

Here is what we are working on.

We have a pool of numbers that in our "autoReg" pool. These numbers then point to a CTI Route which heads into Unity. Unity picks up and plays a recording "your IP phone is not configured, to configure your IP phone, please contact the helpdesk and open a ticket. Please include the 4 digit extension shown on your IP Phone."

We then take that 4 digit AutoReg number and configure it whatever MAC the IPC registered under. It's really easy this way then trying to figure out wireless, wired, etc on the laptop users. The AutoReg pool is configured so that when the person picks up the phone, it only autodials the CTI Route to Unity. No outbound, no inbound, etc.

Hope this helps.

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