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IP Communicator Woes

I'm having a lot of trouble w/ my IP Communicator lately. Please keep in mind that I'm not the Cisco Tech for my company, I do work in IT so I'm familiar with the workings of networks, but I don't do the phones.

Here is my setup:

I have a laptop with only one enabled network connection, and a Windows VPN client connection into my company's domain. This is a fresh install of Windows XP Pro (I wiped a machine purposely for this phone) which has Windows Firewall disabled, and has no other software firewall on it. I had a different laptop which had this exact version of Communicator WORKING previously, then one day it stopped working with the same error I describe below... and I decided to wipe out a whole new machine to use.

Anyway, here's the problem. When I boot up IP Communicator, I receive the error:

"The network interface you chose for audio does not have a valid IP address. Select 'OK' to choose different interface, or 'Cancel' to exit."

I click OK to go into the IP Communicator settings.

Under the "Network" tab, I have selected "Use Network Adapter to generate Device Name". The listed network adapter is my wireless adapter (the only one enabled on my system) and the device name is being generated properly (SEP + my MAC address). I have inputted the two TFTP servers (both of which I can ping).

Under the "Audio" tab, all of the audio devices are set to my onboard sound card. If I click the "Network" button, my Audio IP Address is set to "Detect Automatically" and my IP address on the VPN displays in grey text.

If I OK my way out of the settings window, IP Communicator begins to load up and then it just hangs at "Starting CDP".

The only thing I can think of is that my broadband router is blocking this traffic for some reason. I'm using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router... but like I said, my Communicator worked before and I don't believe any changes have been made to the router settings.

Any help is appreciated. If you have any questions about my setup feel free to ask, I'll be responding pretty regularly to any replies because I really need to get this up and running, and so far my phone admin has not been able to figure it out (I think he is very unfamiliar w/ IP Communicator).

Thanks in advance!


Re: IP Communicator Woes


IP communicator users connecting over vpnclient s/w to a vpn3k experience etiher periodic one-way communication or no communication at all.

Conditions: VPNclient s/w 4.6 through 4.8 connecting to vpn3k using AES encryption using IPC 1.x or 2.x

Workaround: Roll back to vpnclient s/w 4.0.5.D or use 3DES encryptionb

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