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IP Communicator

Having troubles trying to get IP Communicator to work from my home PC. We use Cisco VPN Client to connect to our main office.

The IP Communicator will not register!

New Member

Re: IP Communicator

You should try to ping your CallManager from your home PC to check routing issues.

Next, you should check IP Communicator configuration (CallManager IP address).

If both are ok, the next step is checking the registration of your IP Communicator (based on MAC Address of your Home PC) on CallManager.

Hope this helps.



Cisco Employee

Re: IP Communicator

What version of Windows, IP Communicator & VPN client are you running? Also if you are using WIndows XP check the firewall settings.

New Member

Re: IP Communicator

Two different workstations have been tried.

One running XP (firewall disabled) one running VISTA Ultimate (firewall disabled).

IP Communicator version: 2.1

CISCO VPN version:

IP Communicator is pointing to the correct CM server, it just can not talk to it (I think).

Once I connect to the VPN (on either the laptop or the desktop) I CAN ping the CM Server. The IP Communitcator is set to use the VPN Adapter MAC, which has been configured in the CM.

I think what might be happening it our VPN connection blocking the communication some how. I can ping the CM server (the TFTP server) but I can not remote into that server from the VPN, I can remote in when in the office on the network.

Does this sound like a Cisco VPN issue?

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