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New Member

ip keyswitch does not transfer call between ip phones..


i set up a really simple demo of a keyswitch

- 2600 with 12.1(5)YD2

- two 7960 ip phone

- 1 827-4v cisco as a h323 endpoint

the cfg. is really basic:


dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern 1..

session target ipv4:



load 7960-7940 P003D302

ip source-address port 2000

max-ephones 10

max-dn 20



ephone-dn 1

number 701

name interno701



ephone-dn 2

number 702

name interno702



ephone 1

mac-address 0030.94C3.B662

speed-dial 1 702 label interno702

button 1:1 2:2




ephone 2

mac-address 0030.94C3.4494

speed-dial 1 701 label interno701

button 1:1 2:2




i can make calls from the h323 numb to the ip phones and back, but, when, for example, during a call with the h323 endpoint, from the dn701 i push the "transfer" button, at the third digit .."7" "0" .."2" the call is suddenly hung up;

here is a "deb ephone detail" starting just before i dial the "2" ..




00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:KeypadButtonMessage 2

00:11:02: SkinnyTryCall to 702 instance 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:CollectTransferDigits done (3) on ephone-1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:ActivateTransfer DN 1 to 702

00:11:02: Call Transfer for callID 11 to 702

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:Transfer Invoke DN 1 line 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:UpdateCallState DN 1 state 10 calleddn -1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:Binding ephone-1 to DN 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:Media already stopped line 1 DN 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:SpeakerPhoneOnHook

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:Clean up activeline 1

00:11:02: SetCallInfo calling dn -1 dn 1

calling [] called []

00:11:02: Skinny Call State change for DN 1 CALL_END

00:11:02: ephone-(1) DN 1 calledDn -1 callingDn -1 port=0

00:11:02: SkinnyUpdateCstate DN 1 state 2

00:11:02: DN 1 ephone-1 state set to 2

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:SetCallState line 1 DN 1 TsOnHook

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:ClearCallPrompt line 1 ref 6

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:SelectPhoneSoftKeys set 0 for line 1 ref 6

00:11:02: SkinnyGetCallState for DN 1 IDLE

00:11:02: called DN -1, calling DN -1 phone 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:Clean Up Speakerphone state

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:SpeakerPhoneOnHook

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:StopTone sent

00:11:02: SkinnyGetCallState for DN 1 IDLE

00:11:02: called DN -1, calling DN -1 phone 1

00:11:02: ephone-1[1]:SetLineLamp 1 to OFF

do someone understand where is the problem?

thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: ip keyswitch does not transfer call between ip phones..

If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, then I think the answer is that with the IP Keyswitch feature, right now you cannot transfer calls from an H.323 peer. However, you can transfer calls to an H.323 peer, as long as the transferred party is not another H.323 peer.

This is one of the caveats of the first release of the SRST/IP Keyswitch features. When the second phase of this feature comes out later this year, there will be increased transfer capabilities, including the scenario you have mentioned.

New Member

Re: ip keyswitch does not transfer call between ip phones..

if you are right, i really don't understand what this ip-keyswitch thing is good for, now!!!

i would like just to have some incoming/outgoing calls from the pstn, and the shortest way is to put in place a simple h323 gw, _but_ if i can't transfer these calls between ip phones, there is really something missing!

sorry, i'm a bit upset, because reading through the (brief) online manual, i never felt this still was a missing feature..

do you know of a different voice gw configuration (mgcp sip..) to route pstn calls to a keyswitch set up with transfer functionality?

do you know when the phase 2 will come?

it seems 12.1(5)YD will be folded back on the main train with 12.2(3)T.. is that the time for the phase 2?

thank you, the same, for you light!


New Member

Re: ip keyswitch does not transfer call between ip phones..

Hi Andrea,

I am the product manager for the IP Keyswitch. We do have some limitations for our first phase. The H323 transfer limitation is well known, and has been fixed for IOS based H323 endpoints in phase 2. We have just started beta testing phase 2 and hope to have it out in the December timeframe. You can use VoFR or VoAAL in the interim, as transfer is supported across those connections. Please let me know if I can help any further. Please email me at or give me a call at 408-525-7514.