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ip phone 7941 time change

I know of two ways by which the time on the IP Phone 7941 can be changed.

1. go to call manager os admin and set the time and restart the CCM.

2. create a date/time group, associate it with device pool and associate the ip phone with that device pool.

The first option is last resort. The second option does not work ( I dunno why )

Is there any other way of changing time on the IP Phone 7941 ?


Re: ip phone 7941 time change

You should do phone reset.


Re: ip phone 7941 time change

The 3rd generation phones (7941,7961,etc.) run a full Java operating system (unlike the 2nd generation phones 7940,7960,etc.).

As a result, the 7941 IP Phone maintains its own timezone and locale information.

You MUST specify a region and location for the phone with the correct timezone and put the phone into that region.

In addition, the 7941 must use an NTP time source, it does not get time updated from CUCM over SCCP (skinny) messaging like the 7940 IP phone.

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Re: ip phone 7941 time change


I am having the same issue with 7941 and 7942 phones despite the fact that I have an NTP reference for the phone.

How best can I resolve this issue. Will restarting the CallManager Service resolve it or I need to restart the hardware box (machine)?

Also does that mean I will have to restart either the service or machine every time a new phone is installes?

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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