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IP Phone Activation /Disable

Hi, I want to activate an IP phone ext. on demand by using a web aplication, does CCM can do that using JTAPI or other related programming interface?

thanks in advance


Re: IP Phone Activation /Disable

What do you mean by activate?

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Re: IP Phone Activation /Disable

I mean to set the phone ready for service and on demand set the phone out of service.

It is like you unregister the phone from the CM or if there is an alternative way that would be great like not allowing place calls or something similar.

I also want to change the name of the user of the phone in the directory but maybe that could be easer in the LDAP directly


Re: IP Phone Activation /Disable

Well.. what you just described just screams for extension mobility.. set the default user profile to something very restricted via css/partition so the phone can only be used to call the reception. Then if logged in, people have the right to make outgoing calls, etc. Combine that with automatic phone logout and I think you have your solution, all without having to write a single line of code.

As for changing names.. there are different considerations. The users in ccm are stored in the ldap indeed.. if you know ldap, you can make modifications directly on the dc directory. Otherwise there's AXL (guides for AXL and everything ccm related are here:

Now, that changes what you see in the phonebook. If you want to change what's on the line, you have to change the line.. alertingname is the keyword. AXL once again comes in handy. Or, there's SQL.. the field is in the NumPlan table. On CCM 4.1 you can just read it via the AXL command sqlexecute but you can always access at the sql db (it's dangerous though) via odcb or whatnot, and starting with ccm 5.0, there's a new axl command sqlupdate which allows you to send sql updates to the ccm db.

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Re: IP Phone Activation /Disable

Thanks, I really Apreciate your help

I would read the information you wrote in your message and get it work for the application

Again thanks a lot for your help.

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