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IP Phone Agent for displaying skills' stats.

We want to use the IP Phone Agent service to display Skill stats on the agents' phones and not necessarily to login; sort of like a in-phone-wallboard.

We have ICM 6.0 with CRS 3.5 (QMgr 3.5) & CM 4.0.

I'm looking for documentation that would show installation/configuration guide for that service. I found the IP Phone Agent User Guide for 6.0 but that doesn't tell me anything.

I want to know where it reads the real time data from?, how often? where to download the asp or jsp files? etc.

Thank you


Re: IP Phone Agent for displaying skills' stats.

The default view displays the Skill Name, LQT (longest queue time), and CIQ (calls in queue) fields. There are eight possible statistics that can be displayed for each skill, but only a maximum of two can be displayed at any time. The display is configured by the system administrator. The Skill Stats window is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds (default refresh interval). This default interval can be changed by the system administrator. You can also refresh the statistics manually by pressing the Update soft key.

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