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IP phone autodial

I have a need for an IP phone to act in the same manner as a connection PLAR on an analog gateway.

I have created a PLAR_PT partition and PLAR_CSS calling search space.

I have also created a route pattern with an X in the pattern and the 800 number that needs to be dialed in the called party transform mask. I have placed the single phone in the css and partition that it needs to be in and it works as soon as a single digit is dialed. What I am trying to accomplish is as soon as the phone goes off hook it dials immediatly. The route pattern would not allow me to leave it blank, is there any character or string I could place in the route pattern that would allow for a PLAR type connection? Is there any way to have the phone automatically send a digit as soon as it goes off hook and then have that be the match on the route pattern?

thanks in advance


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Re: IP phone autodial

Use a translation pattern instead of a route pattern. Keep the same CSS & Partition setup you have. Leave the Translation Pattern blank. Then fill in the "Called Party Transform Mask" with your 800#.

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