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IP phone echo issue

Hello everyone,

Here is a problem I am having I have 7960 IP phones and Call manager 3.2.1. Now the problem I am having is that I am hearing echo in the headset. I will say smoething an I can hear it in the headset being repeated. Its almost like having a cell phone call is there anyway to fix this.




Re: IP phone echo issue

Look into bug id CSCdv05279.

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Re: IP phone echo issue

your headset volume could be turned up to high .

Try turning your volume down and saving it

Try again .. I have had many or complaints that seems to be the quick solution . Also look at the posted bug to see if it pertains to you .



Re: IP phone echo issue

You didn't mention which gateway you were using. Also, are you getting echo on IP to IP calls or IP to PSTN calls or both?

Here is a white paper for troubleshooting echo with a Cat 6608 T1/E1 blade:

Here is a white paper on echo analysis for VOIP:

Hope that helps...............good luck.

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Re: IP phone echo issue

I used to have that problem. It could be QoS issue. Check your switch and do testing with lot of QoS config. We have that problem and had done months of adjustment to the QoS before we can finally minimize the "echo" issue

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Re: IP phone echo issue

Oops, headset, is your headset Cisco certified? I am still waiting for the plantronic to get their headset Cisco certified. Most of my user just connect their headset (without the box attached). Give it a try

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