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IP Phone failed to CFNA to cell phone from a Avaya PBX call

Cisco CCM Version:4.1(3)SR2

Cisco Voice Gateway Version : IP Voice Feature 12.3(14)T7

Avaya S8700,CM3.0

1. CCM ring no answer set default to 12 sec

2. TDM phone reside on Avaya make call to Cisco IP phone which is registered on CallManager(Avaya PBX is connected to Cisco Callmanager via H.323 Trunk)

3.When IP Phone set to "Call Forward All" to cell phone, everything is OK, call can be answered by cell phone.

4. When IP Phone set to "CFNA" to another IP Phone registiered with the same CallManager, everything is ok, call is answered by another IP Phone.

5. When IP Phone set to "CFNA" to cell phone, the problem appears as following:

a. cell phone rings 10 sec, then drop;

b. if answered within 10 sec, call can get through

c. if set Ring No answer timer to 20 sec, it only rings 3 sec, then drop, so I must pickup cell phone in 3sec.

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Re: IP Phone failed to CFNA to cell phone from a Avaya PBX call

Could you provide the voice gateway configuration.

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