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IP phone not connecting

What we are trying to do is test remote users access

and VoIP. Are current setup is like this. We have a Cisco 831 connected

to the Concentrator 3030 via an VPN Tunnel. The 831 would be used at a

home office. Behind the 831 we have a PC and a VoIP phone (Non-Cisco).

When the phone registers with the Gatekeeper it uses the Private IP address

assigned by the 831, not the NAT'ed address. Now I have found documents on

Cisco's site that say there is an issue with h323 and NAT, but are fixed in

the latest IOS versions. I have upgraded to the latest on both the 831 and

the Gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is a 2621xm. The phone still registers

with the private address.

The IP phone is:

Polycom SoundPoint IP 400

REV 1.1.0 28-Jan-02

BootROM Rev 1.1.1 03-Jan-02

Can you help on thsi.


Re: IP phone not connecting


Re: IP phone not connecting

If you have a "permanent" VPN tunnel up, why don't you address the inside private the same as your LAN so that call manager and the phone think they are at the same location? I have home users with Netscreen VPN boxes hooked up like that and they work just fine. Make sure you give out all the relevant options with the 831.


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